Chats from the Virtual Carline


2021-01-15T12:28:17-05:00January 15 2021|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

After the Christmas decorations and lights have been packed away, our studio has a quiet and clean look. So does the month of January. It really is time to set goals, take stock of the previous six months and delight in the slower pace of a Northeast Florida winter. Reflecting on the last year, I am [...]

Right before your eyes

2019-10-31T09:10:05-04:00October 31 2019|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

  There are no “do overs” in the live theatrical experience. And once in a while, the unexpected lends a performance that jolt of excitement which reminds us the whole thing is happening right in front of our eyes. As we closed out the run of our fall studio show, Toothless, our two leads were [...]


2019-10-24T09:45:45-04:00October 24 2019|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

We’ve had an exciting week at the studio with the premiere of Toothless: a vampire comedy. After two performances in front an audience (full and fun!), it’s time to head into a mid-week rehearsal with some rewrites for the company. During our creative process, rewrites have been a daily part of rehe [...]

Brave New Work

2019-10-16T10:39:39-04:00October 16 2019|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

This week we open a world premiere at Apex Theatre Studio.  Toothless is a creepy vampire comedy with a crunchy, sarcastic, outer layer and a gooey, warm center. Once again, this group of young artists have set themselves apart by taking on the challenge of a new work.  Producing any play is a heroi [...]

Learning On Your Feet

2019-10-04T18:28:34-04:00October 4 2019|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

This weekend we kick off our fall season with an Improv evening featuring a wonderful troupe from Duval called Spotlight Giant. By the end of December, we will have clocked in 21 performances for 8 different shows.  (And that’s just for the fall season.) We believe strongly that the best kind of lea [...]

Across The Floor

2019-09-25T14:12:50-04:00September 25 2019|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

For the past few years, students have said to me “I know I really need a dance class which covers the fundamentals.” I answer with a definitive nod of the head. Enter Katie McCaughan, Executive Director of Jacksonville Dance Company, (and a dear pal) who answered my prayers with a weekly fundamental [...]