Chats from the Virtual Carline

Rules for Students and Teachers

2019-09-17T17:27:59-04:00September 17 2019|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

One of our visiting artists shared this with a class a few years back.  I made copies and put them up in the bathroom. (At the studio, that’s the place to put important announcements.) The author is composer John Cage ...

Rolling Down Your Window

2019-09-17T17:26:22-04:00September 12 2019|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

For the past three years, one of my favorite moments during a typical weekday involves the brief chats I have with families in our drop off/pick up car line.  When a student makes a breakthrough, discovers a moment, or connect with classmates during a rehearsal or class session...