We’ve had an exciting week at the studio with the premiere of Toothless: a vampire comedy.

After two performances in front an audience (full and fun!), it’s time to head into a mid-week rehearsal with some rewrites for the company. During our creative process, rewrites have been a daily part of rehearsal. Typically, the company will tackle a reading of a new scene or the newer version of a scene they have been working on around a table.  After reading it aloud, there will be a discussion of what is going on in the scene.  I’ll go away and do yet another rewrite before Raines (our director) puts the scene up on its feet.

Now that the show is up and running, we’ve run the clock up on the whole process.  Actors will be expected to read their rewrites tonight, get the new staging done and have their lines learned in twenty-four hours.

This accelerated schedule makes things interesting.

Quite a few of actors at the studio have expressed an interest in working in the television and film industry. The ability to absorb rewrites and new staging is a must for anyone wanting to work in front of the camera.

Also, it’s just a lot of fun to see how the whole thing gels. Please consider stopping by this weekend to witness the joy and chaos of creating a new play.