by Ian Mairs

For the past three years, one of my favorite moments during a typical weekday involves the brief chats I have with families in our drop off/pick up car line.  When a student makes a breakthrough, discovers a moment, or connect with classmates during a rehearsal or class session, there is an opportunity to celebrate, confirm or continue the conversation.

Sometimes, it’s just an exchange as simple as a parent asking “How did things go today?” I will answer with a grin and an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Other times, more discussion is required.

This blog is about taking the time to discuss things which are hard to impart in under fifteen seconds.

When we started this grand experiment in 2013, I had a hunch there was a group of young artists in the Northeast Florida area brimming with talent, filled with passion, and full of questions.  After six years, I can tell you there is an abundance of ability; aptitude and the questions come rolling in like the afternoon rain in July.

I needed a space to be able to answer questions and address concerns without the everyday buzz of activity at the studio.

Please consider joining me twice a week to touch base about the joys and challenges of being part of a theater artists life….