2023-09-04T15:39:18-04:00September 4 2023|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

There is something thrilling about working on a story which is several thousand years old. While its origins come from a hillside in Greece a few centuries back, it is exciting to see the questions posed by the play reverberate for our young artists.  We are collaborating on this Antigone to fast fo [...]


2022-10-06T11:09:21-04:00October 5 2022|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

We have quite a cozy little studio just off World Golf Village Parkway. On any given day, you can stroll in to discover young artists propped against walls, squatting in a huddle, or stretched out on floor of the black box. We spend rehearsal time sharpening their skills as actors, singers, dancers, [...]

Cue the calendar pages blowing in the wind

2022-09-15T17:12:26-04:00September 15 2022|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

This year we have our first group of OG’s from our very first brick and mortar location starting their senior year of high school. How did we go from asking them to put away their Pokémon cards to watching them pull up in parking lot in their first cars? It sneaks up on you, their progression as hum [...]

Watching Them Bloom in Autumn

2021-11-17T10:10:11-05:00November 17 2021|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

Just when the leaves drop from the trees in North Florida, there’s a special blooming taking place on the stages of schools all over the city. An abundance of fall musical theater presentations took place over the weekend. It is a delight and honor to witness the progress of our students. In the ope [...]


2021-10-04T10:02:50-04:00October 4 2021|Categories: Chats from the Virtual Carline|

We have embarked on our first Shakespearean drama.  After three of his comedies, it was time to tackle a tragedy. Hamlet is great choice because at the center of the play is a young person. At the studio, we are concerned with telling stories about young people.  We are blessed to have an exciting c [...]