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Godspell (Summer Musical Theatre Intensive)

Auditions for our summer musical theatre intensive.

MUSICAL THEATRE-  This beloved retelling of the gospels according to Saint Luke received an updated adaptation on Broadway in 2011 featuring the beloved classic feel good songs Day By Day, Light of the World, and Prepare Ye.  Auditions are Sunday, March 8th1:30-4:00 p.m.   Cost: $425. (Rehearsals begin May 26th. Monday-Thursday 2:00-5:15) and Saturdays 12:30-2:30. Performances June 25th, 26th, 27thand July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


Jesus-this role will be played by a guest artist


Judas-smart, funny, self-appointed leader of the class

Numbers: All For The Best, On The Willows


Girl #1-shy, bookish, a social outcast

Number: Day By Day


Girl #2-cheerleader, outgoing, aggressive, very tight friends with Judas

Number: O Bless The Lord


Girl #3-a down to earth, flirty, does not put up with anything from the boys in the class

Number: Turn Back O Man

Girl #4-the class clown, always seeking attention but very insecure on the inside

Number: Learn Your Lessons Well


Girl #5-an outside, keep her head down, minimal communication with anyone

Number: By My Side


Girl #6-laid back, a big laugh and a warm smile, kind to Jesus from day one

Number: Light of the World solo #2


Boy #1-eager to please, goofy, friendly but follows Judas

when pressured

Number: All Good Gifts


Boy #2-quiet, cool customer, sits in the back row, wears sunglasses, keeps his head down, sleeps a lot

Number: Light of the World solo #1


Boy #3-works hard to blend into the rest of the class, does not want to make waves

Number: Light of the World solo #3


Boy #4-mischevious, the class wit, always putting people up to stuff

Number: We Beseech Thee



must be a rising 8thgrader to audition

32 bars of a contemporary Broadway show (think pop rock)

dance combination (taught at audition)

improv skills (all of the parables are improvised)

You must register for auditions. Please visit the link in the top right corner to register. 

Performance schedule:


6/25-6/27                  Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

6/28                            Ritz Theatre-Golden Isles (Brunwick, Georgia)

7/1                              Lohman Auditorium, Whitney Lab, Marineland

7/2-3                           St. John’s Cathedral (downtown Jacksonville)



You can find more audition information and registration link here:https://www.hisawyer.com/apex-theatre-studio/schedules/activity-set/117555